Shaan B – Tried Many Products Before Clearogen!

I’ve already left a phone message, but, thought I needed to let you know by email, too, just how I feel.

Your product is so absolutely wonderful and EXACTLY the type of skincare I’ve been looking for. I’m not sure what’s in it that makes it so different from other problem-skin creams, except that I KNOW it works beautifully and perfectly on mine. I’ve literally spent MANY THOUSANDS of dollars searching for the right product and had practically given up hope and then I found Clearogen! Of course, after so much disappointment, I didn’t have very high hopes. The first thing I noticed was that it didn’t burn my face at all. So, I figured, great, it can’t be working at all. The other thing I noticed was that I wasn’t getting RED as I ALWAYS do, with almost ANYTHING! Another sign, I thought, that it wasn’t working. So, I didn’t offer it much hope. BUT, after a very short time (I didn’t count the days as I didn’t think I’d have anything to celebrate), but, it was in a short time, my skin started looking so much better! This stuff was actually having some sort of positive effect! And after some months now, it’s still working and I absolutely LOVE the product! My skin is great!

Well, my prayers seem to have been answered and I hope others out there who suffer with resistant skin problems will give Clearogen a try. I always knew that my skin trouble had something to do with some sort of hormones, but, doctor after doctor have told me I was wrong. Nothing they gave me ever helped in the long run.

Even your customer service people were SO GREAT! I did get a defective pump with my first order, but, they were so great in replacing it quickly! I hope that type of service will be consistent, as that makes your products even more attractive. SO! Thanks, again. Keep on doing what you’re doing and come up with more great products! God bless.